Career Options in the United Kingdom

If you are soon to be leaving university and are looking for a challenging career, there are many options for you to consider, and this article makes a few suggestions that might just be suitable for you. The construction industry is always a popular choice, mainly due to the fact that people always require homes and businesses need premises from which to operate, and with that in mind, here are just a few career opportunities to consider if you live in the United Kingdom.

Asbestos Related Career

There are many well-paid jobs in asbestos, mainly due to the fact that, up until the early 1970s, asbestos was widely used in construction of all kinds. Even today, there is a high demand for asbestos related positions, and by checking with the right recruitment agency, you are sure to find a suitable position. Site analysts, for example, are always in demand, specifically regarding asbestos, as are asbestos surveyors and laboratory specialists. There are still many buildings in the UK that have asbestos, and it can only be removed by skilled specialists, who are well-protected and trained in all forms of asbestos removal.

Water Treatment

This is another industry that is always in demand, and if you would like to study in this field, there are many universities that have special courses on water treatment. On the other hand, if you are already a specialist, there are established recruitment companies that always have top positions available through their many clients. The water treatment industry is one that is constantly looking for the right people, and if this happens to be your specialist field, search online for a suitable recruitment agency, where you can stay informed regarding job offers.

Legionella Related Employment

Legionella is a form of water-based bacteria that was first discovered in the mid 1970s, when participants attending a seminar of The American Legion suddenly became sick. Since that time, the water treatment industry incorporated legionella detection techniques into their program, and today, there are many specialist water treatment companies who employ legionella specialists for a range of positions. The water treatment industry combines with legionella specialists to ensure that all water supplies are free from these dangerous bacteria, which does require specialist attention.

Fire Prevention

The fire prevention industry is always in need of experienced personnel, and regardless of the building materials used, fire is a constant threat, which means that those who are in the fire prevention industry will always be in demand. If you are already in this industry and are looking for a better position, there are specialist recruitment agencies who are always looking for qualified fire prevention applicants.

While there are many other challenging career opportunities, all of the above are very much in demand, and once you have qualified, you will have no problem finding a top position by using an established recruitment agency, who are always looking for the right applicants for their clients.

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