Seven Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes for Shipping Products

Custom corrugated boxes offer many benefits that customers will appreciate. They also help you save money and time while improving your company reputation.

Corrugated boxes use a kind of paper stock called paperboard. They have three separate layers of very thick paperboard. A custom packaging manufacturer uses very thick, starchy glue for compressing and holding the layers together to manufacture strong and durable containers that provide excellent protection for their contents against the stress the box may be exposed to during shipment. Below are some of the benefits of using corrugated boxes:

They Look Professional

In many industries, the appearance of their packaging is a vital way to make them look different from their competitors. Their customers expect extra attention to the packaging. Corrugated boxes let businesses in these industries print, decorate, and choose a box which fits the product they will ship.

They Save You Money

These days, the majority of shipping companies charge customers based on DIM or volume of the package instead of the weight. If delivery trucks do not maximize the legal weight capacity, this means less profit for every truckload. Because of this, shippers will capture the loss in revenue by charging clients based on box volume. In case you have to use oversize boxes because of your product’s shape, you may need to pay a premium. Custom boxes can save you some money.

They are Lightweight

Your customers will want their orders to arrive in a lightweight container. Corrugated boxes are quite convenient to carry, load, and unload because they have a lower mass.

They are Eco-Friendly

Corrugated boxes are eco-friendly shipping solutions. They help companies lower their carbon footprint. Manufacturers of the boxes use recycled materials. Also, customers can reuse these boxes for packing other items for shipment.

They can Effectively Protect their Contents

Corrugated boxes are manufactured with an inherent strength that cardboard cannot match. With the corrugation, the products inside the boxes are protected against environmental factors like moisture and temperature.

They can be Customized

Corrugated materials can be customized to the needs of your business. Corrugation makes it possible to design a package in various sizes and shapes easily. This means that you can make something for your product that is unique which can help your brand stand out from the rest.

They can be Printed with your Company Information

Corrugated boxes can have clearer, printing and graphics with crisper, cleaner images than those you can get with cardboard boxes. With them, you can display your brand logo, contact information, and product information clearly.

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