WorldPay Acquisition by FIS & WorldPay Reviews UK: Investors

Fidelity National Information Services Inc. and Worldpay Inc. have recently merged to form a new payments and financial-services giant. The lines below will tell you more about this deal and help you with WorldPay reviews UK.

FIS Merged with WorldPay

Fidelity National Information Services’ (FIS) $35 billion deal to acquire Worldpay is the biggest fintech and payments deal registered so far. According to FIS, the merger will enhance revenue generation, with projected organic revenue growth representing 6% – 9% through 2021.

Gary Norcross, FIS Chairman and Chief Executive, notes that consolidation was the driving force behind the deal. Norcross further adds that scale plays an important role in today’s rapidly changing industry. Now, the new company will boast scale, enjoy worldwide presence and offer a large variety of financial services around the globe.

This example shows that the best time to invest in a new entity is when investors observe some positive results.

WorldPay Reviews UK

2019 has already witnessed 2 of the 3 biggest fintech deals ever registered. In January 2019, Fiserv acquired First Data: the deal made up almost $21.8 billion.

Later, FIS acquired Worldpay for $35.3 billion, thus creating more favorable terms for the company to win more and better clients. How? The company is going to offer a comprehensive suite of products at cheaper rates. This will be made possible through economies of scale.

The latest data reveals that Fidelity National Financial Inc’s stake in Fidelity Natl Information Sv (FIS) decreased by 49.66%. FIS sold 448.819 shares after the company’s stock dropped 0.58% during the stock markets’ rally. In addition, the institutional investor held 455.041 shares of the company at the end of 2018Q4, which were valued at $46.66 million, less than 903.860 valued at the end of 2017Q4.

Analysts expect FIS to report its earnings on July, 30. They anticipate the company to report $1.79 EPS, up 45.53% ($0.56) as compared to $1.23 per share in 2018. FIS’s profit will make up $579.32M for 16.58 P/E if the $1.79 EPS is a reality. According to Wall Street, the growth will account for 9.15% EPS.

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Interestingly, both acquisitions mentioned above have the potential to strengthen smaller (as compared to Visa & MasterCard) PIN-based debit networks. Besides, merchants could benefit if the new enterprises build more competitive debit card networks, as chief economist Callum Godwin notes.

To sum up, changes in the increasingly competitive payments-industry landscape are inevitable. This is because companies are getting more interested in joint ventures to reach global growth and better fight geopolitical tensions, as well as consolidate to scale rapidly.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry, including WorldPay reviews UK, has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.

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