Are Cosmetics Really That Important, We’ve Got Filters and Apps

It would be easy to assume that the cosmetics industry will have taken a big hit due to advancements of things like AI camera features, filters and various image manipulation techniques used on some of the smart phones these days. In actual fact, the cosmetics market is doing better than ever before and here’s a few reasons why;

Better foundations

The cosmetics industry has actually grown with technology, maybe not as obvious, but, it’s been there all the way and if the figures are correct, some studies forecast a growth of over 30% in Asia alone, between 2019-2025. Asia equates to around 50% of the total market share when it comes to cosmetics so, if you’re in the industry but, don’t have your products on sale in Asia, now could be the perfect time to ‘dip your toe’ in the water and make contact with a soap factory (known as โรงงานผลิตสบู่ราคาถูก in Thai)  that supplies many brands with white label products.

Lip service

A big reason for the growth is due to how ‘good’ cameras are today, if you want to look at it that way. When using the word ‘good’, it refers to the AI features, filters and apps that cameras use or, get used by the cameras when taking a photo and, they are used, a lot! In fact, some 90% of women apparently use a filter whenever they take a picture. So, how real is the picture? Not very is the short answer and, those people are going to need to top drawer make up to make up for it when meeting people in the flesh.

A bigger need to conceal

It’s pretty sad really that, without even realizing it, the majority of that 90% are changing the way they see and, feel about themselves. Not how other people perceive them, which might be the initial intent, but, actually, affecting their own natural brain patterns and perception of their own being. There is no doubt that, mental health issues have increased alongside the increased need for ‘image’ perfection, which stands to reason. If people have to wear, more make up to try and keep up with the persona then, are they really being themselves or are they concealing something a little deeper?


If there is one thing that people should be blessed with, it’s the ability of self-awareness, which then enables a person to make different choices. Ultimately, ‘quick fixes’ lead to addiction which can be a killer, but, a big thumbs up for the cosmetics industry in terms of funding.

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