The Advantages and Process of Producing Printed Cardboard Boxes

For people who are constantly on the move, or people with hectic schedules, using custom boxes can be an effective tool to alleviate stress and improve one’s wellbeing. These boxes are available in a variety of designs and materials that are created to meet specific demands. The company you work for might require boxes that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of shipping, but they may also need boxes that are attractive, eye catching, and functional. Or perhaps your business requires custom printed boxes with certain features that you cannot find in standard sizes. Whatever your need or motivation, there is a company online that can meet it. When looking for the best printing company to meet your needs, here are some of the characteristics to look for in order to choose the best box for you:

Flexographic Printing: One of the main factors to consider when choosing custom printed boxes is the paper used in manufacturing them. There are two main types of printing processes that can be found in the production of cardboard boxes: digital inkjet printing and offset printing. In digital inkjet printing, a graphic is applied to a ribbon that is placed inside a pressurized chamber, while in offset printing, an image is printed directly onto a thin, high-quality cardboard stock. Digital inkjets generally produce more vibrant colors and are less expensive than offset printing. However, digital boxes do not always appear as clear as a printed box, and because of this, many small businesses utilize digital boxes instead of offset ones.

Custom Boxes: The quality of printed boxes should match the products they are used to print. For instance, plastic promotional product packaging should never be used to print any sort of advertisement. This is because plastic can easily imprint any sort of malicious material, which will greatly diminish its impact on the targeted recipients. Moreover, plastic is known to fade when exposed to sunlight, which means that the printed boxes you use for promotional purposes must be made from high-quality materials. High quality paper stock, on the other hand, will remain for a longer period of time and won’t fade under any kind of environmental circumstances.

Flexographic Printing: One of the most common techniques of packaging printing is flexographic printing. This is because it is capable of producing large quantities of effective promotional items without demanding too much of the company’s financial resources. Flexographic printing companies utilize a special kind of dye sublimation technology, which is capable of producing the images on high-quality cardboard boxes. With the assistance of a computer program, the images are electronically printed and are then rolled onto the surface of the box in order to create thick, durable packaging materials.

RSC Boxes: If you want your printed boxes to appear like traditional boxes, then you should purchase the custom printed boxes manufactured by the printer. These boxes can come in two forms: cardboard style and flexographic style. Cardboard box style boxes are generally used as giveaway or promotional products, while flexographic boxes are perfect for business-to-business and customer-to-customer sales and promotions.

Custom Printed Boxes Using Flexographic Printing: If you want to have custom printed boxes made according to your design specifications, then you should contact an online printing company. There are a number of flexographic printing companies that offer quality and affordable packaging solutions. You can contact one of them today and discuss your requirements. They will then render their assistance to design a bespoke printed packaging solution, which is sure to meet your company’s marketing objectives. This is because such printed packaging boxes have the potential of becoming highly effective tools for promoting your company.

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